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Master Data Science (M1+M2)

Grants from the Graduate Programme: Campus France (M1+M2)

This Master program (first semester, second semester, third semester) provides a high level theoretical and practical 2 year curriculum in the new and trending domain of data science. It includes an ensemble of courses, lab sessions, research projects and internships.

Data Science. This Data Science Master will give you solid foundations in Mathematics (statistics, probability, optimization), computer science (algorithms, complexity, databases) as a basis for a very high knowledge on machine learning and applications (signal and image processing, graphs & networks...).

Internships. Students will spend several months in interships every year. Internships will take place in R&D departments or in academic research labs. They are part of this 2 year program.

University & Grandes Ecoles. This Master program is supported by the University of Lille (3 Departments: computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering) as well as 2 renowned engineering schools (Grandes Ecoles): Centrale Lille and IMT Nord Europe.

Lille is an exceptional place to study Machine Learning thanks to its major research teams in the domain (Magnet, Sequel, Sigma, Modal among many others). High level courses, international seminars and lectures by researchers will give you the opportunity to learn research by doing research and get prepared for a great carreer in R&D departments or in academic research labs.

The first year is called M1. The detailed program is available through the following links: Master, 1st year, Semester 1 & Semester 2).

The second year is called M2. The detailed program is available through the following link: Master 2. The M2 1st semester (S3) is dedicated to classes ; the 2nd semester (S4) is dedicated to a 4 to 6 months internship.

Contact: (please mention 'Master Data Science' in the subject) Pierre Chainais []

Head of Master program

Pierre Chainais-

Administration, secretary